what’s your favourite smell?

Plumeria gardenia

what are you listening to lately?
do you think of Dubai as part of the Global North or Global South?

Locality is an artifact beneath nodes of pulsing swarms of territorial nation states, transportation networks and natural resources. The world is at once the real and an image of the real.

The immense accumulation of spectacles is not life. The specialized images of the world must be inverted and abandoned. Reality must be considered in full, and not as an object for contemplation. Mere appearance is the negation of life and must be inverted into the real. Society must reawaken, the guardian of sleep must die.

what’s the future of print?

The future of print is a continuous swarming cacophony of disposable advertisements forming mountains of noise. Neo-luddites, preppers, nostalgia and fundamentalists continue the tradition of print despite society largely abandoning the medium.

what will 2070 look like?

A: Most of life on earth has succumbed to a blindingly furious global storm, thick with pollutants and detritus of a society which has lost its mind.

B : A new earth has reawakened, the technological singularity has liberated humanity from disease, famine and war. Most human life has merged with technology, the post-human civilization spreads across the universe at blinding speed.

C: Neither of the above occur, the world continues at its current pace. Resources become scarce and nation states are fractured in global wars. We enter into a dystopia.

Sterling Crispin – artist – new media, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, magic systems, hacking, posthumanism, futurism, 2045, the singularity, sunyata, buddhism @sterlingcrispin