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about rahel aima

rahel is editor-in-chief at THE STATE. Her research interests include alternative futurisms, auntycapitalist praxis, and full #cccccc. She is currently based in Dubai, and can also be found at here & here. @cnqmdi

searching for the carmathians

Black flags over the Shi’i village of A’ali Last month, I travelled to Bahrain with FiND in search of Ancient Arabia. More specifically I was looking for the Carmathians. Promisingly referred to as ‘those who took small steps’ or ‘those

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01/03/14 | march talks: global art forum at art dubai & sikka

We have two talks coming up this month: pan-kaffirism @ global art forum 8 What are the languages, people, and histories that waned under Pan-Arabism? What does the Zanj Rebellion have to do with Ajami scripts and disparate Kaffir identifications?

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25/02/14 | the state @ thanks for writing, 601 artspace

THE STATE has curated a shelf at Thanks for Writing, curated by Mariam Rahmani at 601 Artspace in NYC, which opens on Feb 27th, and runs until June 14th. The show explores text in contemporary art and writing as a

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29/11/13 | the state @ singapore art book fair

We’re pleased to be participating in the inaugural edition of the Singapore Art Book Fair, put together by the wonderful folks at Books Actually (our Singapore stockists!), happening this weekend at the U Factory: BooksActually and HJGHER have come together

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transmissions_002 // mother tongues

Here’s a new section that we’re pretty excited about: mixtapes! I took the title from Rudresh Mahanthappa’s 2004 record of the same name. English was actually my fourth language, after my own mother tongues of Kashmiri, Malayalam and Hindi. Now

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elsewhere on the internet 22/10/2013

The poisoning of Ukraine’s president—”In September, 2004, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko had been poisoned. His blood samples did indeed contain an abnormally high level of dioxin, 1,000 times the accepted level. One year later, Yushchenko’s face—with its strong jaw and

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elsewhere on the internet 07/10/2013

language Jewish Malayalam—”In the middle of all the Malayalam dialects, both extant and extinct, was that spoken by the thousand-year old community of Jews. Jewish Malayalam is an admixture of Hebrew and Malayalam, written in the Malayalam script, spoken extensively

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