Blog Contributors:

  • (((1/f))) +
    (((1/f))) is a bridge between mathematics and culture, exploring the collisions between universal law and daily life. @fadesingh

  • Bedour Alagraa +
    Bedour completed her BA at the University of Toronto in 2011, majoring in International Relations and Political Science. She recently completed her Masters in Race, Ethnicity, and Post-colonial studies at the London School of Economics She worked at the Institute of Race Relations while completing her dissertation on race and the humanitarian industrial reporting complex. @bedouralagraa

  • Liane Al-Ghusain +
    Liane is a freelance writer and curator, currently based in Beirut. | @wilderbeat

  • Hiba Ali +
    Hiba (b.Karachi) is an artist currently based in Chicago. @hibz_a

  • Nahrain Al-Mousawi +
    Nahrain is a PhD in Comparative Literature working on migration in the Middle East and North Africa. @nahrainm

  • Nilofar Ansher +
    Nilofar is a writer, editor and researcher from India. Her areas of interest include disability rights, feminism, museum studies, urban ecology and cyber culture. She recently earned her master’s degree in Ancient Indian Civilization. Nilofar’s writings have appeared in The Good Men Project, Quiet Mountain Essays, Careers360, Express Tribune, PC Tech Magazine, Bangalore Mirror, UltraViolet, and DNA India. @culture_curate

  • Hamdan Azhar +
    Hamdan Azhar writes about culture, politics, finance and technology. A data scientist by day, he lives in Manhattan. @hamdanazhar

  • Jad Baaklini +
    Jad is currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is a PhD candidate studying Lebanese transport culture and civic identity. @textdump.

  • Khairani Barokka +
    Khairani Barokka is an Indonesian writer, performer, artist, teacher, and advocate/researcher of inclusive arts. Raised in Indonesia, the US and Australia, she’s currently based in her birth city Jakarta. Okka is a proud alum of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) masters at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she was a Tisch Departmental Fellow, is writing a book entitled Flightpath to Inclusion on arts, tech and disability empowerment, and constantly forges collaborative, cross-cultural arts projects and partnerships. She loves finding peace behind a pen, behind a mic. | @mailbykite.

  • MF Benigno +
    When he’s not had his daily regimen of instant coffee, MF Benigno is an irritable blob. A seasoned freelancer and traveler, he has written from Sana’a to Yangon and prefers the anonymity of hotel rooms. @mfbenigno.

  • Jaswinder Bolina +
    Jaswinder Bolina is an American poet and essayist. He is author of the collections Phantom Camera, winner of the 2012 Green Rose Prize in Poetry from New Issues Press, and Carrier Wave, winner of the 2006 Colorado Prize for Poetry from the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University. In addition to its publication in the U.S. by New Issues, an international edition of Phantom Camera is forthcoming from Hachette India in spring 2013. jaswinderbolina.

  • Renee Carmichael +
    Renee is a writer and artist whose practice explores technologies, not as new phenomena, but as the means to expose the larger cultural structures that already inherently exist within the technologies. @renbotix.

  • Alex Casper Cline +
    Alex Casper edited @ffctv dsrdr and writes for vØider. Prior to moving to the South coast of England, he lived in New York, where he performed research on the intersection between the crime and its punishment, between the concept and its architecture. Now he mostly plays board games, sometimes with a life-sized board. @thisisradd.

  • Sophie Chamas +
    Sophie is a freelance writer based in the United Arab Emirates. Her writing has appeared in Jadaliyya, Mashallah News, THE STATE, Kalimat Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival Magazine and ArteEast’s Shahadat. Never quite capable of settling down, she continues to imagine herself as living ‘in between’ countries. @SophsC87.

  • Nyshka Chandran +
    Nyshka is a writer currently based in Singapore. @nyshkaCNBC

  • Al Gerard de la Cruz +
    Al Gerard de la Cruz is a journalist and web content writer whose works have been published around the world by The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, and Doha Centre for Media Freedom..

  • Teju Cole +
    Teju Cole is a writer, art historian, and photographer. He is the Distinguished Writer in Residence at Bard College. @tejucole.

  • Megan Eardley +
    Interests include new media evangelists & the Bible Belt in Southern Africa. She is a member of the Africa is a Country collective. @meardley

  • Simone Ferracina +
    Simone is an architectural designer and the editor of Organs Everywhere. He is interested in architecture, ecology, media and technology. He is fond of cyborgs, immersive environments and alternative futures. @oeverywhere

  • Stephen Fortune +
    Stephen covers technology and science on a freelance basis for Dazed&Confused and Protein. He graduated from the MA Interactive Media at Goldsmith’s University London and is an active member of the Open Systems Association. He also maintains a research tumblr about biotechnologies. | @quadrophobiac

  • Sarah Handelman +
    Sarah is an independent writer and the online editor of The New Inquiry. She lives in London. @sarahhandelman

  • Sean A. Higgins +
    Sean lives and writes in the harsh tundra of Portland, Maine. His work has appeared in Triple Canopy, Sounding the Virtual: Gilles Deleuze and the Theory and Philosophy of Music, and AGNI Online. His (very) irregular column on sound, “Volumes and Territories,” may be found at BOMBlog
    . @luckycloud

  • Malcolm Harris +
    Malcolm is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York who focuses on generational politics. Malcolm is the managing editor at The New Inquiry. He’s also a contributing editor at Shareable and the editor of the collection Share or Die forthcoming from New Society. @BigMeanInternet

  • Alicia Izharuddin +
    Alicia Izharuddin is a PhD candidate at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She likes heavy door-stopper books and coffee. @AliciaIz

  • Raja’a Khalid +
    Raja’a is a Dubai-based artist and writer, and a recent graduate of Cornell University’s MFA program. She is currently working on A Minor Histories Archive, her never-ending, Arcades Project-style archive of ‘modern documents’ concerning the contemporary histories of Iran, the Arabian Gulf and South Asia. She loves films by The Archers, fiction by Vonnegut, critique by Saïd and the Frankfurt School and is currently learning to play the drums. | minorhistories

  • Asher Kohn +
    Asher studies land use and disuse, along with the jurisprudence that comes with that. He is currently based primarily on the internet. @AJKhn

  • Guilherme Kujawski +
    Guilherme is a journalist, writer and free thinker based in São Paulo, Brazil. He is into folk music, research design, media art and complex science fiction novels. @kuja

  • m1k3y +
    Lifelong cyberpunk, anarchist futurist and non-practicing mystery cultist, m1k3y has been covering outbreaks of the future for Grinding, a real world blog spun out of the pages of Warren Ellis’ Doktor Sleepless comic, for the past six years. @m1k3y

  • Jeremy Magner +
    Jeremy is most recently a builder with an architecture background. He is currently exploring new opportunities of material agency in Chicago, IL. @no_analog

  • Joanne McNeil +
    Joanne is a writer from New York. joannemcneil | @no_analog

  • Molly Osberg +
    Molly is a writer based in Brooklyn, and senior editor at Cluster Mag. @molly__o

  • Ian Alan Paul +
    Ian is a transdisciplinary artist/theorist living in the Bay Area of California. Ian’s current focus is on feminist and new-materialist reframings of political philosophy. He is currently in the process of completing his PhD studies in UC Santa Cruz’s Film and Digital Media program. His work can be viewed online at | @ianalanpaul

  • Nikitha Reddy +
    Nikitha is a writer currently based between London and Hyderabad. She has degrees in English Literature and Biochemistry from Columbia and Cambridge, and till recently, Lysogeny broth exposure-related trauma. @nikithareddyy

  • Tiana Reid +
    Tiana is a MA student in African American Studies at Columbia University @tianareid

  • El Mahdi Rezoug +
    El Mahdy Jr. is a DJ based in Istanbul

  • Sacha Robehmed +
    Sacha is a writer currently based in Berlin. She graduated from the London School of Economics where she studied social anthropology, focusing on the Middle East, medical technologies, gender, and ethnographic film. Born and raised in the UAE, she has lived and worked in London, and until recently, South Korea. @akasacha

  • Natalie Robehmed +
    Natalie is a UAE-raised third culture kid currently studying music and English literature at Columbia University. She has written for CNN‘s international site and Business 360 blog, as well as Abu-Dhabi based The National newspaper. At her day job, she covers entrepreneurs for The Man, Steve Forbes. @natrobe

  • Olivia Rosane +
    Olivia graduated from Barnard College in 2009 with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Her work as appeared in YES! Magazine, A Tale of Four Cities, Lapham’s Quarterly‘s “Roundtable” blog, and The New Inquiry. She currently lives in New York, where she writes and shelves books at the Strand bookstore. She is a contributing editor at THE STATE. Fiction on Foot | @orosane

  • Adam Rothstein +
    Adam writes about media, technology, and politics wherever he can get a signal. He is a contributing editor at THE STATE. | @interdome

  • Rudoh +
    Rudoh makes experimental beats with a heavy emphasis on sound design. Rudoh manipulates his beats with emphasis on every sound in his tunes. @Rudoh_

  • Priyanka Sacheti +
    Priyanka is an independent cultural writer living in Pittsburgh. When she’s not busy working on a collection of short stories or Instagramming, she blogs at I Am Just a Visual Person and Photo Kahanis.@priyankasacheti

  • Manuel Schwab +
    Manuel is a writer, researcher, anthropologist, and recreational trespasser based in New York and Berlin, missing Khartoum, Bentiu, Tangier and the backcountry woods of the lost coast. .@Schrebernerves

  • Natasha Stallard +
    Natasha is a writer and DJ currently based in Dubai, and the editor of Brownbook. @pigeon_rocks

  • Syma Tariq +
    Syma Tariq is a freelance writer, editor, and co-founder of WATERFALLS. She is currently based in Lisbon.

  • Deepak Unnikrishnan +
    Deepak Unnikrishnan is a short story writer from Abu Dhabi. His first set of shorts, Coffee Stains in a Camel’s Teacup (2004) was published by Vijitha Yapa Publications (Colombo, Sri Lanka). His fiction and non-fiction has appeared in Drunken Boat, Ego, and Himal Southasian. He is presently working on a short story collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Most recently, his work has appeared in Bound Off, THE STATE Vol IV: Dubai, and in the anthology Breaking the Bow: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Ramayana (Zubaan Books, India).
  • Alok Vaid-Menon +
    Alok Vaid-Menon is a queer South Asian artist and activist who has performed and organized with queer movements in the United States, South Africa, Palestine, and India. They currently organize at the Audre Lorde Project, an activist organizing center for queer people of color based in New York. Alok is invested in building queer movements and bodies that resist white supremacy and imperialism and reclaiming our color from the rainbow that stole it from us. Return the Gayze | @DarkMatterRage
  • Lantian Xie +
    Lantian is an artist currently based between New York & Dubai. | @lantianxie