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We’re always looking for people interested in writing for us online. Preferably proposals for regular blogs or series carving out an area of inquiry, but we’re also open to one-off pitches too. Our categories provide a good overview of our interests:

THE FUTURE WEIRD—Tech, the future, and its discontents. Especially ethnifuturist and non-western perspectives, aspirational weirdness, interrogated biases, and #botiliciousness. ▲ PRINTERNET—reading, writing on the internet, bookforms, the attention economy ▲ DISPATCHES—dispatches from a place, or time, and also reviews from «inside» a piece of media ▲ TOPOGRAPHIES—architectural, urbanist, ecologies, surfaces/terrains ▲ INSTAGRAMMATOLOGY—media, social or otherwise, still and moving images, memory and retronostalgia ▲ VOICINGS—personal narratives, interviews, momelaninmoproblems.

city correspondents

We’re also looking for CITY CORRESPONDENTS, especially outside of North America & Western Europe.

interludes & podcasts

We’re also looking for INTERLUDES—short, annotated video playlists, and TRANSMISSIONS, in which anything sonic—from mixtapes and interviews to field recordings goes.

get in touch

Email us at info [at] We do pay for online.

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